Text Editing

Verification of texts

If you have a translation of the text, but there is no confidence in its literacy, you need the “text editing” service. The translation is read by the translator-editor for stylistic, grammatical and other errors. The presence of the original text is not necessary, though desirable. The translation company (MGTprime) performs any work on the reading and modification of texts:

Text editing

Your text is checked by an experienced linguist editor whose task is to eliminate all possible inaccuracies, errors or incorrect speech speed.


Rewriting is changing the text while preserving its meaning. Unlike editing, the task here is to creatively rework the text itself, but to fully preserve its meaning.

Verification of texts

Verification of texts is very important when negotiations are underway and the parties make changes to their part of the documents. Then the other party may not have complete information about all changes and may want to know what exactly the other party has changed in the documents in their own language. Our editors will compare for you the document versions of all parties and help you find changes, if any.

Text editing by a native speaker

In some cases, editing by a native speaker of the translation language is necessary. This will allow to check the text also for “modernity”, add a national color, reveal traits that are not typical for the target country or dialect.

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